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Chillicothe Bottoms Wildlife Sancturary

A place where 152 species utilize this unique blend of critical habitat. A total of 152 bird species have been identified at the site including many IWAP species of conservation concern. These include American black duck, great egret, lesser scaup, canvasback, brown creeper, northern harrier, marsh wren, yellow-billed cuckoo, northern flicker, bald eagle, wood thrush, yellow-breasted chat, short-billed dowitcher, hooded merganser, Connecticut warbler, Kentucky warbler, osprey, pied-billed grebe, prothonotary warbler, brown thrasher, greater yellowlegs and blue-winged warbler. Two of these species—the northern harrier and osprey—are state listed endangered species. Come see first hand how this rare gem can be a future destination for birders, conservationist along the Ilinois River!   Visit them online at Illinois Audubon, peoiraaudubon.org, ducksorg/illinois/

City ParksLake_front_shot_at_RV_Park

Moffit Park - Walking trails
City Park - Center of town. Stage and picnic benches.
Gollnitz Park - Next to the VFW
Cutright Park - Riverfront park with swings, playground, gazebo and shelter.
Riversound Park - Located in Riversound Subdivision
Sycamore Trail Park - In progress.

Chillicothe Park District:Chilli_Library

Chillicothe Skatepark
Coal Hollow Park
Nelie Jackson
Shore Acres Park & Pool
Splash Pad

Three Sisters Park   

Chillicothe Public Library - www.chillicothepubliclibrary.org
Chillicothe Historical Society

Chillicothe Historical Society & History Museum

723 4th Street
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